HVAC technicians tend to love the fact that they’re not trapped behind a desk all day long. Most techs chose this career because it keeps them on their feet and out of the office.

Unfortunately, HVAC work still requires some tasks closely associated with administration and desk work, tasks like keeping track of documents and accounts, handling internal and customer communication, and scheduling service calls.

Fortunately, several free HVAC software programs and free HVAC apps allow HVAC professionals to handle these tasks on the go. These days, you can manage your clients and complete paperwork from the field, as you accomplish the HVAC work itself.

In addition, you can find clever apps designed by and for HVAC technicians to help you complete technical parts of your work. Don’t underestimate the power of your smartphone as the number-one tool in your arsenal. Check out these free HVAC apps and get more done.


Scheduling clients and keeping all of their information organized will no longer cause you a headache. Why? Because SERVICE PRO BONO has arrived. This web- and cloud-based scheduling software is easily accessible from any device, so you can share scheduling and work order information with team members in real time. Specifically designed with field service technicians in mind, SERVICE PRO BONO has all the features you need to successfully manage your HVAC business, including scheduling, dispatching, billing, customer management, equipment history, time tracking, and more. 

Wondering how much it costs to take advantage of all these great features? Well, hold on to your hat… SERVICE PRO BONO is 100% free. You can get started with the software right here.

2. HVAC Check & Charge

We’re not saying you have to throw away your cardboard slide for refrigerant charges, but you can get a 21st-century upgrade with the HVAC Check & Charge app. Easily and accurately calculate refrigerant system charges with a few taps, and switch between metric or imperial measurements if needed. This app is designed for use with R-22, R-410A, R-32, R-407C, R-134a, R-452B, R-454B, and R-438A refrigerants. 

3. Buffer

One of the important aspects of running a successful business? Marketing and advertising. Social media represents a great way to reach local customers and promote your brand as friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. 

Buffer lets you easily schedule or post updates across multiple social media platforms at the same time. Type and format your post into Buffer once instead of logging in separately to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to do it multiple times. The free version of Buffer is perfect for a small business owner and intuitive to use. Don’t let a lack of time stop you from maintaining a social media presence that puts your business directly in the line of sight of future clients.

4. Gmail

Gmail is Google’s powerful email tool, and if your business doesn’t already route its email through this provider, it should. You can set up a Gmail account and download the app for free. Make sure the contact form on your website sends inquiries straight to that email. Then, set up your phone to show notifications on the lock screen for the Gmail app. 

That’s all it takes to make email as convenient and easy as sending and receiving a text message. Like texts, emails will appear on your lock screen as they come in. Swipe right to open the email and reply. You can even attach documents or images, just like you can from a desktop. Impress your clients with prompt responses thanks to the Gmail app.

5. Google Drive

Never leave home without an important document or file again. Store them on cloud-based Google Drive to easily access contracts, mock-ups, blueprints, informational sheets, photos and even marketing materials from your phone. This allows you to quickly make references on the go or email out big files without waiting to sit down at your computer. 

When you can take care of things quickly from your phone as the need arises, you can feel productive and run less risk of forgetting important to-dos. While you’re at it, download Google Docs to draft a document on Google Drive, which also lets you easily share that document with other users. 


For busy field service technicians, efficiency is second only to safety. Having these free HVAC apps on your phone can only increase your efficiency. Your phone holds a lot of power—use it wisely with the latest and greatest free apps for HVAC professionals.